Coach Estabrook coined the slogan “Truckee Pride” in 1989 and he put this in the Sierra Sun the week after the State Championship loss to Boulder City in late November of that year: On Saturday, November 18, the Truckee community pulled together for something that was not political, controversial, or self-serving. It wasn’t about the bye-pass, a new shopping center or incorporation; it was about our kids and a community that can pull together regardless of political differences. Over 2,000 people turned out for a local football game, the only reason being to support our high school. The football team wasn’t able to deliver the Nevada AA State Championship to Truckee, but it did deliver a sense of pride to the Truckee Community. It also delivered a chance to reflect on what a great place this is to live, and that the small town spirit is alive and important to us all. Our team’s motto is “Truckee Pride.” Think about it. We all have it. Thanks to everyone for your support.” Ron Estabrook


The Wolverines were leading the Bulls 21-7 at the half as they take the field for the second half/

How do you possibly follow up the magical season of 2022 that ended at Allegiant Stadium with a dominating performance by Truckee over the SLAM Bulls 40-13?  It seemed like the Truckee Faithful, Team, and coaches never came down from the high that the 2022 to season gave the Truckee Community.  It’s all anyone could talk about right up until the kickoff of the next season.  There were many days that the thought process was “how does it get any better?”  Well, the Truckee Wolverines started the process back in January knowing that the target on their backs would be bigger than ever.  This is what would push Truckee to work harder and smarter in the offseason, knowing they would get every team’s very best.  If Truckee was going to “Defend the T” they would need to come into the 2023 season understanding that it will not be easy.  As they found out, it wasn’t.  However, the 2023 Wolverines would dig deep each week and find a way to win and continue their momentum.  In the end, Truckee would beat every team in their path setting up a rematch with the SLAM Bulls in the State Championship and the right to “Defend the Title!”  Defend it they did beating the Bulls for the second straight season 35-14 and accomplishing something special that very few teams get a chance to do, go Back to Back!  Truckee captured their 14th State title but better than that they went undefeated and are now on a 22 game win streak.  In all the seasons, and all the Championship teams that have come through Truckee, only 4 other teams have gone undefeated.  None of those teams won 13 games.  The 2022 and 2023 teams join a very elite group of Back to Back Champions.  To answer the questions: How do you possibly follow up the magic of 2022?  You have a season like 2023!  13-0 Back to Back State Champs!

Sierra Sun Story: https://www.sierrasun.com/news/it-felt-like-the-whole-town-of-truckee-showed-up-truckee-high-wolverines-win-state-championship/

Truckee captures their 14th title after beating SLAM Nevada 35-14 November 18th, 2023. The win was Truckee’s 22nd in a row and finished a 13-0 season.

Truckee vs. S.L.A.M. 2023 NIAA 3A Championship


The Wolverines take the Field after Halftime vs The Spring Creek Spartans. Truckee beat the Spartans 41-24 back in September.

The Wolverine’s 2022 season started November 1st 2021 just two days after their heartbreaking loss to Fernley in the first round of the playoffs.  With just seconds on the clock Truckee would attempt a 2 point conversion to advance their season to the Quarter Finals.  That attempt would fail and Truckee lost 35-34 to the Vaqueros.  Two days later the juniors and the few sophomores that were up posed the question, “What do we need to do?”  From that point on, everything the Wolverines would do pointed South down Highway 95 to Allegiant Stadium.  Truckee would set their goals and dreams on a 2022 State Championship and those dreams and aspirations came to fruition Monday November 21st when Truckee dominated the SLAM Bulls in a 40-13 route.  The win was Truckee’s 11th of the season and the 2022 Wolverines captured their 13th State Title.  It had been 10 seasons since Truckee last won a State Title, the biggest gap since winning their first State Title in 1983.  What a day, what a season, and what a team.  The questions are already circulating, “how does this team stack up with previous Truckee State Champions?”  I will let everyone else determine that, but one thing is certain, the 2022 Wolverines are in the discussion with Elite company.  A huge thank you to the entire Truckee community for watching live locally, watching abroad, and mostly to those who made the trip to Vegas to see these kids play their biggest game, their best game, on the biggest stage in the WORLD!  The 2022 Nevada State Title resides in Truckee…2022 legacy to come in Chasing Tradition.  Thank you to everyone who supported and backed this program that past 10 years.  

Sierra Sun Story: https://www.sierrasun.com/news/wolverines-slam-bulls-on-the-way-to-3a-crown/

The Wolverines beat SLAM Nevada 40-13 to capture their 14 State Championship!


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Gallagher Construction
Ian Casey Foundation
Lamperti Construction Inc.                        Office Boss                                                        The Real Graphic Source                                    Shaffer Sealing                                                  Tahoe Forest Health Systems                              West End Snow
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Truckee High School Boosters   


A photo of the touchstone just before getting covered up for winter.

George Skaff spending some pre-game time with coach. This was before the first playoff game under the lights in Truckee. The Wolverines dominated Elko 48-7.

One of the top highlights of the 2019 season was the honoring of coach Shaffer in week 3 vs North Valleys.  The Shaffer Family, Teri Bergstrom, and host of volunteers and donors placed a Memorial Touchstone at the base of the stairs at Surprise Stadium to honor Coach Shaffer.  The idea was to start a new Tradition at Truckee as the football teams walk down the stairs to TnT they would touch the stone to honor coach.  Though Shaffer’s Legendary status was already cemented into Truckee Football History, the stone literally planted his legacy for years to come.  Shaffer impacted all students at Truckee High School and beyond.  He received the Key to the Town of Truckee in 2010 and is forever in our hearts.  We know he is looking over us and is proud of our continued pursuit of excellence.  Shaffer coached football 18 seasons at Truckee and was also a track coach for many of those years.  He loved riding horses and spending time with his family.  Shaffer is dearly missed and I am proud to be part of this new Tradition that will extend his memory for years to come.  A huge thank you to the Shaffer Family for always supporting Truckee Football.  Specifically I’d like to thank Bob Shaffer Jr. for his tireless dedication to the Truckee Football Tradition.  Thank you to all who made the Touchstone happen:  Teri Bergstrom, Lopez Excavating, Al Pombo for the stone, Andy at Truckee-Tahoe Mortuary, Bobby Jones Concrete for setting the Stone, The Village Nursery for donating plants around the stone, and to everyone who donated to pay for the plaque on GoFundMe.


April 1st 2017 the Truckee community was turned upside down and more specifically so was my life. We all lost a great person, great teacher, and great coach. Words can’t express how much gratitude, respect, and love that I have for Coach. We talked daily and I am going to miss him a great deal. Coach was an amazing mentor but an even better friend. He was the ultimate family man making us all feel like we were part of his family! He saw things in me (and everyone) that I never saw in myself. Shaffer brought the best out in all of us, giving us a sense of confidence that is unmatched. Coach had opponents but never had enemies. He was always gracious in victory and humble in defeat. That’s not to say he accepted a loss. He was the ultimate competitor and the master of preparation. I am honored to have been part of it all. He set a clear path and we all followed. I will do my very best to continue down that path. Thank you coach for entrusting me with the Pride and Tradition of the Truckee Wolverines!!! 

Josh Ivens

Founded by physical education teacher Jim Brehler in the fall of 1952, Truckee Football has developed into an institution in our Town that has touched the lives of countless families. Our hope is that everyone that loves Truckee Football can make a connection here at Truckee Pride. Whether it’s keeping up or reuniting with old teammates, recalling our history, or keeping up with current Wolverines! Truckee Football is a Family and we look forward to seeing the many generations come together to be a part of the past, present, and future of Truckee Football. CHECK OUT CHASING TRADITION