2010’s- The 4-Peat Era

FRONT ROW: Alex Engler, Cole Roberts, Cory Ackerman, Tony Rodriguez, Omar Hernandez, Brook Hudson, Chase Eichele, Cody Neil, Kevin Malo ROW 2: Kai Goodpastor, Griffin Brown, Taylor Wulff-Morrioson, Mitch Nelson, Luke Theis, Victor Nunez, Austin Ferreira, Sam Schroeder, Javier Virrey, Carlos Ramirez ROW 3: Stein Retzlaff, Coach Doughty, Coach Fertitta, Coach Ivens, Coach Shaffer, Coach Dow, Coach Wilson, Coach Ferree, Pat Shaffer ROW 4: Conrad Krauss, Shane Fisher, Ben Bolton, Jack Kennedy, Trent McMullen, James DePew, Dillon Sheedy, Sam Duner

2010: 12-0 (9-0 League Champs) Northern Division & AAA Back to Back Nevada State Champions 24 Game Win Streak

FRONT ROW: Julian Aguirre, Alex Malo, Benito Gurrola, Dustin Vance, Javier Virrey, Shawn Howe, Sawyer Ballister, Daniel Nunez, Sam Mohun ROW 2: Kai Goodpastor, Chase Eichele, Sam Schroeder, Angel Correa, Tyler Curtis, Cody Poulsen, Graham Mille, Carlos Ramirez, Cole Roberts ROW 3: Zac Szekely, Tyler Griffin, Coach Fertitta, Coach Ivens, Coach Dow, Coach Shaffer, Coach Wilson, Coach Doughty, Nico Duner, Brook Hudson ROW 4: Pat Shaffer, Austin Ferreira, Cody Neil, Luke Theis, Ty Englert, Glen Patterson, Victor Nunez, Graham Christian TOP ROW: Trevor Auldridge, Austin Griffin, Erik Holmer, Braden Waters, Zak Pettit, Jake Pettit, Brian Richey, Max Collinson, Stein Retzlaff

2011: 12-0 (9-0 League Champs) Northern Division & AAA 3-Peat Nevada State Champions 36 Game Win Streak

FRONT ROW: Mitch Harrity, Greg Engler, Sam Mohun, Julian Aguirre, Daniel Nunez, Lance Bokinskie, Austin Vance ROW 2: Nick Arnone, Ryan Thomas, Dustin Vance, Justin Carter, Glen Patterson, Ben Ketron, Benito Gurrola, Tyler Slusher, Javier Virrey ROW 3: Blake Crosby, Coach Fertitta, Coach Ivens, Coach Shaffer, Coach Dow, Coach Wilson, Coach Doughty, Thor Retzlaff ROW 4: Cody Poulsen, Angel Correa, Nate Golden, Nico Duner, Tyler Curtis, Sean Daniel, Graham Christian, Scott Womack TOP ROW: Tyler Griffin, Austin Griffin, Jake Petitt, Louden Smith, Zak Petitt, Ian Wilson, Erik Holmer, Matt Baumann, Brian Richie

2012: 11-1 (8-1 League Champs) Northern Division & AAA 4-Peat Nevada State Champions 41 Game Win Streak

FRONT ROW: Caleb Farley, JJ Bellon, Nick Dearagon, Mitch Harrity, Greg Engler, Jordan Jepsen, Austin Murtha ROW 2: Carson Cottel, Chris Lefrak, Adam Crosby, Austin Vance, Lance Bokinskie, Luke Deis, Gabe Deiro, Eli Delaunay, Jordan Nichols ROW 3: Coach Womack, Coach Chavez, Coach Wilson, Coach, Swalander, Coach Ivens, Coach Jones, Coach Bennett, Coach Mohun, Coach Santens, Coach Doughty ROW 4: Connor Jacobs, Sean Bokinskie, Ben Katron, Erik Swalander, Charlie Holmes, Blake Crosby, Tyler Slusher, Tanner Sawyer TOP ROW: Scott Womack, Thor Retzlaff, Logan Nicholas, Baldo Ramirez, Louden Smith, Kyle Mello, Nate Golden, Tayler Ludwig, Sean Daniel

2013: 3-6 (3-6 In League) Northern Division AAA No Playoff Appearance 

FRONT ROW: Caleb Farley, Nick Dearagon, ?, Britton Brophy, Eli Delaunay, JJ Bellon, Joe Gravell ROW 2: Richard Sherman, Jordan Jepsen, Jayme Nelson, Jaun Sarabia, Gabe Deiro, Jose Araiza, Chris Lefrak, Carson Cottel, Sergio Cervantes, Kyle Eaton ROW 3: Wulfe Retzlaff, Sean Bokinskie, Coach Bennett, Coach Jones, Coach Ivens, Coach Estabrook, Coach Doughty, Coach Ferree, Connor Jacobs, Luke Deis TOP ROW: Tanner Sawyer, Erik Swalander, Charlie Holmes, Taylor Ludwig, Cody Brown, Joe Ketron, Baldo Ramirez, Orlander Simms, Tyler Davis, Christian Mendoza

2014: 5-5 (4-5 In League) Northern Division  AAA No Playoff Appearance

FRONT ROW: JJ Bellon, Cole Harrity, Ian Schmidig, Hunter Sherwood, Jordan Jepsen, Jayme Nelson, Connor Bullion ROW 2: Aaron Bokinskie, Quinn Cottel, Jose Araiza, Jorge Bravo, Max Wingard, Britton Brophy, Carson McCarron, Richard Wagner ROW 3: Coach Shaffer, Coach Fertitta, Coach Doughty, Coach Ivens, Coach Ferree, Coach Weed, Coach Dwyer ROW 4: Chuy Diaz, Connor Jacobs, Jayden Commendatore, Tony Felix, Dane Nyborg, Wulfe Retzlaff, Sean Bokinskie TOP ROW: Erik Swalander, Tyler Davis, Orlander Simms, Chris Brown, Taylor Ludwig, Jake Holmes, Riley Welch, Jack Englert

2015: 5-5 (5-4 In League) Northern Division  AAA No Playoff Appearance

FRONT ROW: Garrett Murtha, Alonso Lopez-Sanchez, Giuliano Demattei, Aaron Bokinskie, Quinn Cottel, Adam Garcia, Jayme Nelson, Connor Bullion ROW 2: Carson McCarron, Ian Schmidig, Dominic Acevedo, Cole Eichele, JOse Araiza, Garu Grosjean, Chuy Diaz, Andrew Parkhurst ROW 3: Coach Shaffer, Coach Doughty, Coach Fertitta, Coach Ivens, Coach Ferree, Coach Estabrook, Coach Weed ROW 4: Jorge Bravo, Tyler Van Enoo, Noah Williams, Wulfe Retzlaff, Max Wingard, Cole Harrity, Ricardo Uribe, Jairo Chavez TOP ROW: Jack Englert, Jayden Commendatore, Mike Doughty, Tyler Davis, Jake Holmes, Orlander Simms, Riley Welch, Dane Nyborg, Tony Felix

2016: 8-2 (8-1 In League) Northern Division & AAA 2nd Seed Semifinals

FRONT ROW: Kevin Malo, Marcus Bellon, Gus Loring, Alonso Lopez-Sanchez, Arath Garcia-Valdez, Cody Shields, Martin Bravo-Karvonen, Derek Laferriere, Tyler Estabrook ROW 2: Garrett Murtha, Jake Streit, Chance Bordner, Jake Bullion, Jackson Skaff, Kevin Contreras, Juan Araiza, Alex Zarate, Joel Estabrook, Andrew Parkhurst, Luis Ayala ROW 3: Zach Charter, Drew Wingard, Coach Misch, Coach Fertitta, Coach Ivens, Coach Doughty, Coach Ferree, Coach Weed, Braedy Santens, Jamie Parisi ROW 4: Trevor Schroeder, Alex Freeman, Sean Kelly, Cole Eichele, Danny Reyes, ?, Chris Jenkins, Dylan Lewis, Dominic Acevedo TOP ROW: Dayton Broad, Brennan Conklin, Steven Ryan, Mike Doughty, Colby Moats, Woody Rose, Emman Valenzulea-Jones, Marcus Trotter, Ryland Ward, Dakota Allen-Gill

2017: 9-3 (7-2 In League) Northern Division & AAA 3rd Seed Semifinals

FRONT ROW: Payton Schuchert, Tyler Estabrook, Martin Bravo-Karvonen, Kevin Malo, Connor McMullen ROW 2: Derek LaFerrierre, Marcus Bellon, Jake Bullion, Gaven Kelly-Caruthers, Mason Cutler, Kevin Castellanos, James Abel, Gus Loring, Jake Streit, Arath Garcia-Valdez ROW 3: Juan Araiza, Jackson Skaff, Coach Weed, Coach Misch, Coach Ivens, Coach Ferree, Coach Christian, Sean Kelly, Chance Bordner ROW 5: Ethan Hatcher, Alex Freeman, Zach Charter, Drew Wingard, Deacon Mehler, Danny Reyes, George Skaff, Dylan Lewis TOP ROW: Dakota Allen-Gill, Steven Ryan, Brennan Conklin, Woody Rose, Colby Moats, Emman Valenzuela-Jones, Dayton Broad, Marcus Trotter, Ryland Ward

2018: 11-2 (8-1 In League) Northern Division & AAA Nevada State Runner-Up

Top Left: Hector Rodriguez, George Skaff, Deacon Mehler, Brandon Reyes, Brandon Phillips, Dayton Broad, Isaac Cruz, Finn Loper, Jackson Ellermeyer 2nd Row: Rocky Hogarth, Jairo Zarate, Gaven Kelly-Caruthers, Mason Cutler, Dylan Lewis, Jaime Hogarth, Ethan Hatcher, Dillon Kane, Tavin Hamilton, Tyler Lamperti 3rd Row: Ernie Gomez, Luke Sommercamp, Kevin Castellanos, Coach Womack, Coach Sawyer, Coach Ivens, Coach Healey, Coach Ferree, Nathan Lemus, James Abel, Nayib Candia 4th Row: Zac Kuch, Micah Ivens, Garrett Kirk, Cody Flynn, Jackson Kahl, Tyler Estabrook, Jack Nowling, Connor McMullen Front Row: Brandon Velasquez, Juan Cortez, Jason Roth, Galdino Bravo-Karvonen, Pete Reoutt

2019: 7-4 (6-2 League) Northern Division & AAA 3rd Seed Semifinals 

Westwood, likely the strongest back in the North, was stopped short of the goal line on an attempted 2pt. conversion. Great shot by Hans who captures the knee down and the ball is in his right arm. “It’s no Good!”

Truckee knew they were in for some challenges when approaching the 2019 football season but the adversity increased when their head coach was viciously struck on the sideline on just the second play of the season.  Coach Ivens suffered a Tibial Plateau Fracture which put him out for the first 2 games.  The injury and being a young inexperienced team made the Wolverines underdogs for the 2019 season.  However, they would work through these tough times and regain their stride.  After starting the season 1-3, Truckee rattled off 6 straight wins to capture the 3rd seed in the playoffs.  After winning big over Elko 48-7 the Wolverines fell to Fernley in a close battle 35-28.  Fernley went on to beat Fallon in the State Championship.  Probably the biggest Highlight of 2019 was when the Wolverines denied Spring Creek on a 2pt. conversion try to win the game 28-27!  It was Truckee’s homecoming as well and the Truckee Faithful got their money’s worth.  It was a great contest that allowed the Wolverines the 3rd seed and to host round one of the playoffs!  It will go down as one of the best defensive plays of All-Time.  At least that I can remember.

The 2019 football season was a remarkable display of overcoming obstacles and owning their situation.  The Wolverines improved drastically throughout the season and the players and coaches should be commended.  Many of Truckee’s players will return in 2020 and several new athletes have joined the team.  Truckee has offseason momentum and will look to make another run at State!

A photo of the touchstone just before getting covered up for winter.

George Skaff spending some pre-game time with coach. This was before the first playoff game under the lights in Truckee. The Wolverines dominated Elko 48-7.

One of the top highlights of 2019 was the honoring of coach Shaffer in week 3 vs North Valleys.  The Shaffer Family, Teri Bergstrom, and host of volunteers and donors placed a Memorial Touchstone at the base of the stairs at Surprise Stadium to honor Coach Shaffer.  The idea was to start a new Tradition at Truckee as the football teams walk down the stairs to TnT they would touch the stone to honor coach.  Though Shaffer’s Legendary status was already cemented into Truckee Football History, the stone literally planted his legacy for years to come.  Shaffer impacted all students at Truckee High School and beyond.  He received the Key to the Town of Truckee in 2010 and is forever in our hearts.  We know he is looking over us and is proud of our continued pursuit of excellence.  Shaffer coached football 18 seasons at Truckee and was also a track coach for many of those years.  He loved riding horses and spending time with his family.  Shaffer is dearly missed and I am proud to be part of this new Tradition that will extend his memory for years to come.  A huge thank you to the Shaffer Family for always supporting Truckee Football.  Specifically I’d like to thank Bob Shaffer Jr. for his tireless dedication to the Truckee Football Tradition.  Thank you to all who made the Touchstone happen:  Teri Bergstrom, Lopez Excavating, Al Pombo for the stone, Andy at Truckee-Tahoe Mortuary, Bobby Jones Concrete for setting the Stone, The Village Nursery for donating plants around the stone, and to everyone who donated to pay for the plaque on GoFundMe.