Holmer in 2014 got the start at Stanford

Holmer in 2014 got the start at Stanford

Erik Holmer walked on a UC Davis and was a Red shirt freshman the fall of 2013 playing along side high school teammate Zak Pettit.  Erik had one of the best playoff runs a QB has ever had at Truckee High school.  Erik was also a defensive leader for the Wolverines for two seasons playing linebacker.  Holmer made the transition to the defensive line where he is now playing defensive end.  Erik worked hard and put on weight to work into a starting position vs Stanford in 2014 season opener.  2014Played in just three games (Stanford, Colorado State, Sacramento State)… Recorded a tackle in each of his three games, including a solo stop in the Causeway Classic.  In 2015 Erik played in 11 games, recorded 11 tackles, and had a pass deflected.  Erik comes back in 2016 as a junior.  Homer earned himself a scholarship the fall of 2016.  In his junior year Erik recorded 15 tackles and he was moved to Outside Linebacker which will be a better fit for him going into his senior year.  Holmer in 2016 got to play vs the Oregon Ducks in Eugene Oregon.


Thor looks to replace the void of his brother Stein who graduated. He looks to start at LB for the Lewis & Clark Pioneers the fall of 2016

Thor was the fastest player to get 80 tackles in my tenure. He was at 80 tackles in just 6 games. Thor was the fastest player to get 80 tackles in my tenure. He was at 80 tackles in just 6 games.Thor joined his brother at Lewis & Clark but spent his first year on the shelf having surgery on his bad shoulder.  He is fully recovered and looks to have a great freshman year playing along side Stein.  Thor is the only kid from his High School Team still playing football.

Thor used 2014 as a redshirt season.  So 2015 was his freshman season for the Pioneers.  This was the first season in Thor’s playing career that he never missed a game due to injury.  He played in 9 games recorded 37 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, 23 solo tackles.  In 2016 Thor had 44 tackles, 6 of which went for a loss.  His best game was vs Pugent Sound where he recorded 13 tackles!  Thor comes back in 2017 for his senior year.  Even though he lost a year to injury he did not take a medical Red Shirt.  He is due to graduate  in 2018.


Heading South!!! Both Erik Swalander and Taylor Ludwig will be taking their efforts to Southern California this Fall.

Taylor had surgery this past summer on his shoulder and is a Grey shirt freshman at Santa Barbara City College.  He is about 6′ 4″ and 265 pounds and he is very eager to mix it up at the next level.  Stay tuned on his progress.





Erik signed last spring at D3 school Chapman University.  In his first year he did see some action but suffered an injury.  This was a setback for him but he was able to work through it and did see some action in the 2016 season.


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  1. Rex Bergsma

    I think it would be interesting to add what graduates from Truckee’s football team are achieving in their lives – as leaders, parents, spouses, etc. Many have gone on to lead productive, successful lives in all aspects.

    1. Josh Ivens


      That’s what this page was originally going to be but quite frankly this whole project has swallowed me up. It is going to take everything I got to get all the football teams represented up to date. It’s a big undertaking. My goal is to finish Chasing Tradition through the 90’s this year and start hammering out the 2000’s. In the mean time I try to update the record book and keep a couple current things up, like our schedule and things happening within the past season or 2. I almost need one other person to take these types of request on so I can focus on completing something. But I agree whole heartily that it would be cool to chase down x-players and get updates on where are they now.


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